Jesus was accompanied throughout his ministry by a close-knit group of followers. Although the Bible emphasizes the 12 men who were called his disciples, there are many instances where women encountered and followed Jesus. It is a sign of the faith and courage of those women that they engaged Jesus publicly because it was against social convention at that time for women to be seen apart from their families or to travel by themselves. This is why author Rev. Dr. Bonnie Ring has created her book, Women Who Knew Jesus. In this wonderful book, readers are shown the struggles and triumphs of the women who first followed Jesus or reached out to him.

Among those who traveled with Jesus, Mary Magdalene was central, and Salome, the mother of the sons of Zebedee, also joined him. Other women positioned themselves to encounter Jesus as he taught and healed.

Because Jesus lived in a patriarchal society, women were not considered equal to men; women were relegated to secondary roles. Which is why women like Mary of Bethany, the Samaritan women at the well, and Mary Magdalene were so incredible as they followed Jesus’s mission without fear. Their courage, their love for God and their confidence in Jesus, make them into true role models of female empowerment and faith for women today.

Bonnie Ring has followed the examples of these incredible women in her own ministry. Her hope in creating her book is to give readers insight into the lives and challenges of the women who knew Jesus. And by doing so, she hopes that they will be able to use these insights in their own lives and spiritual journeys. Women Who Knew Jesus is inspiring and introspective and should be part of any Christian woman’s library of books.

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