Find God in Everyday Life

Ways You Can Find God In Everyday Life!

Being a good Christian could be quite a challenge. This is because the world is full of things that can challenge your faith. But as daunting as it may seem, it is still possible to be a good Christian. The trick is that you keep God in your heart every single day. You need to find God in every day in everyday life. But how can you do this? What can you do every single day that will help you find God in everyday life? Here are 4 Ways you can find God in everyday life.

 1. Make prayer a constant in your life

In this day and age, prayer time is usually a forgotten activity. People tend to be too busy to just sit down and pray. To pray is to talk to God. To pray is to open yourself up to his wisdom and love. It is one of the most hopeful and vulnerable states you will ever be in. It is also one of the most blessed state of being you will ever be in. So set aside a part of your day. It could be 5 minutes or 30 minutes. Just sit down and talk to God. Tell him your fears and hopes. Lay yourself bear to him. Do this, and you will be surprised at how present God will be in your everyday life.

 2. Help other people

Remember that Jesus’ early ministry consisted of him helping the sick and downtrodden. And to this day, Christianity is all about loving and helping your fellow man. So make it a daily habit to help others in need. Join a soup kitchen, give away your old clothes, and donate blood to the Red Cross. Do everything you can to help other people. Know that God is present in all our brothers and sisters. And the more you help, the more you glorify God.

 3. Read the Bible on a daily basis

The Bible is the main source of all Christian teachings. This one book contains the history of the Christian Church, and it has the most potent of all Jesus’ teachings. So make it a habit to read the Bible on a daily basis. Read and internalize everything you learn from the Bible. Overall, the more you read the Bible, the more potent God’s presence will be in your life.

 4. Offer everything you do for God

If there is one thing we should always remember, it is the fact that we are nothing without God. You could have the greatest accolades and resources at your disposal. But without God, you will always feel empty and incomplete. So offer up everything to God. Accept him into your life and empty yourself of all vanity and pride. Understand that God is the center of everything. So live a life of humility and service. Offer all your accomplishments up to God. By doing so, you will always be open to God’s love and wisdom.

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