God’s Reckless Love

God’s love—it often goes unnoticed. Frequently we look for the kind of love from people we forcibly appoint to, to fill that missing void we thought they can fill to the brim, but in reality, it’s only God’s love that can keep our cups full and contented. It’s not the approval and applause from other people but the love of God alone that was portrayed on the cross two thousand years ago.


Staying Strong in Your Christian Faith

Staying strong in your Christian faith and living is especially hard when no strong foundation is built to grow that seed in your heart to seek Him. The tougher it gets when you are more wooed with the earthly pleasures.


Writing Biblical Stories

Writing biblical stories renews you spiritually and emotionally. It gives you fresh revelations about how it is fairly relatable in your everyday life and also feeds your spiritual being—more like hitting two birds in one stone.


Teachings of Jesus

A part of Jesus’ life was living an ordinary life among his fellow Jews when the land of Israel was included in the Roman Empire boundaries. For three-and-a-half years, Jesus continually preached and performed miracles until his crucifixion by the Romans. Although his life didn’t end when he died on the cross, he was resurrected for us to be perfected and cloth us in his righteousness.


How To Connect with Jesus

Connecting and maintaining a good relationship with our Savior is the most essential aspect of our spiritual life yet this is one of the most disregarded habits because we had irrational reasons not to, and mainly some are not aware with what Jesus has in store for us—the abundance of His love and grace that awaits us.

Role of Women in Jesus’ Life

Role of Women in Jesus’ Life

Although the Church has been dominated by male leadership since the beginning when only men were named disciples of Jesus, women held significant roles in Jesus’ ministry and during the development of the early church. Often overshadowed by this male dominance, the importance of women’s religious and spiritual voices is finally being acknowledged.