God's Guidance in Your Life

Enlightening Tips on Accepting God’s Guidance!

Being a Christian in this day and age can be quite a challenge. The world is changing dramatically, and what was considered sacred and beautiful are now considered old fashioned and dull. Many young people nowadays are losing their Christian values and seldom go to church. They would much rather live their lives according to their own whims rather than listen to word of God. But all is not lost. If you yourself feel that you have been drifting away from God and want to feel his guidance in your life, you still can. You just need to know how to recognize his work on your life. Here are 4 Enlightening tips on accepting God’s guidance in your life.

 1. Read the Bible daily

One of the core tenets of being a good Christian is reading the Bible. This is because the Bible is God’s will. It is the very essence of being a Christian. The words in the Bible are the word and the will of God. Use the Bible as your guide, remember verses and contemplate their meaning in your life. And the first step to accepting God’s guidance in your life is to read it on a daily basis.

 2. Spread the word of God in your community

Don’t just keep your love of God to yourself. To be a good Christian you will need to be bold. You will need to proclaim the Lord’s name to the rest of the world. It might be a bit intimidating at first. You might feel self-conscious about talking to people about your Christian beliefs. But remember that Jesus’ very first apostles were also apprehensive when they first started their missions. But always remember that by proclaiming the Lord’s name, you are not only accepting his guidance in your life, you are also offering your fellow man’s true salvation.

 3. Learn to forgive

To be a Christian is to be forgiving. You cannot live as a Christian and still have hate in your heart. Remember that Jesus died for our sins and forgave and even loved his tormentors. So we should follow God’s guidance and release all the anger and hate in our hearts. If someone hurts you or did you wrong, forgive him or her. If you were the one who did the wrong, go to them and ask for their forgiveness. You will be surprised how uplifting it feels to forgive and forget.

 4. Learn to recognize and embrace God’s work in your life

One of the worst aspects of this modern age is the sense of entitlement and discontent most people seem to have. People are always comparing themselves and their lives to other people. They feel that they deserve more and that life is unfair. And this feeling often leads to resentment. Some people look at social media and see other people’s lives and they ask themselves, why am I not living that life? Why did God give me this life instead? Why am I going through such hardships? Why am I not wealthier, more attractive? Why am I not happier? But in truth, happiness is merely an illusion. Happiness is fleeting. You can be happy now, but it passes. If you want to be truly happy, you should instead strive for joy. You should strive to find joy in God. Because only through God will we truly find joy in our lives and the next. Only through God will we be able to find peace. So look at your life and take note of God’s blessings in your life.

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