Let God Lead Your Life

Illuminating Ways To Let God Lead Your Life

Being a Christian can be quite a challenge. This is because the world is not all black and white. There are a lot of gray areas in life. And it can be quite difficult to do the right thing at times. It can get difficult to stay true to your Christian faith. But it is merely difficult. Not impossible. To be a good Christian, you should do one thing. You should allow God to lead your life. This is easier said than done of course. How can you let God lead your life? What does this really entail? Here are 4 Illuminating ways to let God lead your life.

 1. Meditate

We may be Christians and we may wish to be closer to God, but there will be times that we get in our own way. We overthink things, we agonize over what if’s in our lives. We let fear guide our actions. And because you overthink things, you may end up not hearing God’s guidance. This is why you should really learn to quiet your mind. Take some time off from your daily schedule and just sit in a quiet place. Talk to God. Tell him your troubles, your fears and your hopes. Unburden yourself to him and always remember that he is always with you.

 2. Read the Bible on a regular basis

As a Christian the single most important book in your life should always be the Bible. It is the one book that contains the true words of God. It is also shows the history of the early church very clearly. Overall, it is the supreme guide on how Christians are supposed to live. So make it a habit to read the Bible on a regular basis.

 3. Attend church services regularly

Yet another way you can let God lead your life, is to attend church services regularly. By attending church services regularly, you will not only get a chance to listen to your resident pastor’s sermons you will also get to meet fellow church goers. This feeling of community will make your Christian life more fulfilling. Remember that Jesus Christ himself said that no man should be an Island. And neither should you.

 4. Make God the center of your family life

It can be difficult to stay a good Christian if your family is not on the same page with you. For example, you want to live a good Christian life. You want to attend church services and stay true to God’s commandments. But the rest of your family are not as committed as you. They skip church, they go against God’s commandments and they do things that are detrimental to your keeping a good Christian life. This is why you should make it your goal to make God the center of your family life. Pray with your family. Teach your kids all about God and make him a constant part of your life. Remember, a family that prays together stays together.

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