Strengthen Your Spiritual Core

Strengthen Your Spiritual Core with God!

Being a good Christian can be quite a challenge. This is because there are so many obstacles that could derail your spiritual journey. Mass media has created a culture of loose morals that threaten to make you steer away from God’s light. But don’t worry, you can still follow the straight and narrow path that God has set for you. You just need to strengthen your spiritual core. Like an athlete that strengthens his abdominal muscles to increase his overall athletic performance, you should also strengthen your spiritual core to serve as a bulwark against life’s many temptations. Here are 4 Great tips to get you started.

 1. Make prayer a part of your daily routine

Prayer is key to a strong spiritual core. This is because prayer time is the time where you are at your closest to God. You are talking to Him and asking for his advice on how to live your life the right way. So you should make it a daily routine. Say a short prayer when you wake up in the morning. Thank God for letting you have another day of life. Say a silent prayer when you’re going to work. Say a prayer before every meal. Say a prayer every chance you get.

 2. Read the Bible

The Bible is literally the word of God. It is one of the main basis for our faith as Christians. So aside from praying on a regular basis, make it a habit to read the Bible as well. Take the time to internalize the scriptures and use their teachings in your own life. By doing so, you will expand your understanding of what it truly means to be a Christian.

 3. Stay active

Sometimes idleness or laziness can lead to dark thoughts and actions. So it always pays to be active. Take the time to exercise. Take up a sport, go for a walk, go hiking. Do anything that will keep you active. Remember that God entrusted your body to you. So do your best to take care of it.

 4. Leave everything to God

As human beings, we are mostly independent creatures and even if you are devout Christian, it is still difficult to fully leave your fate in God’s hands. But as difficult as it is, it is always a good practice to put your full faith in God. Forget your own strength. Forget your own desires. Forget your challenges. Offer everything that you are to God. This will make you less selfish and help you strengthen your spiritual core.

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