Writing Biblical Stories

Writing about biblical stories renews you spiritually and emotionally. It gives you fresh revelations about how relatable those stories are to your life now and in the past and that will encourage and support you.

Stories from the Bible are a great resource for children and young adults as well as mature adults who need a deeper understanding of  Jesus—his teachings and miracles, and how we should live in accord with his Way.

Biblical Characters

The Bible is full of a variety of characters: some are clearly villains and some are heroes and heroines. We can learn from both in writing about their stories.

You can select King Solomon or Jesus as a character with great wisdom. You may want to contrast some of the women who followed Jesus with some of the male apostles. If you do, you will notice that the women had a far deeper appreciation of Jesus and his teachings than many of the men did. That’s because they listened to him, made sense of their experiences with him and were motivated because he showed them respect and trust.

Bonnie Ring’s Women Who Knew Jesus comprises the best examples of relevant stories, based on the biblical scriptures about women and their encounters with Jesus.

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